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Why I Am Running

Silicon Valley’s greatest resource is the people who live here.  Our community colleges are uniquely positioned to provide residents with educational opportunities for advancement.

I am running for a second term on the West Valley-Mission Community College District Board of Trustees because I believe in the District’s ability to:

open doors for all students to continue their educational goals;

provide affordable access to higher education;

deliver in-demand training and targeted certification programs; and

create partnerships between the business community and the College District 

Achieving these goals requires effective leadership.  I will continue to lead with an emphasis on policy that supports institutional effectiveness and will actively advocate for sustained funding.  I am honored to serve this year as the President of the West Valley-Mission Community College Board of Governors.


My Qualifications

Attending community college transformed my life.  As a business owner in Silicon Valley, I know the importance of an educated and prepared workforce.

I am the product of our local public schools from kindergarten through law school. I believe in and am committed to public education. Growing up in West San Jose, graduating from Lynbrook High, and earning college degrees from De Anza College, San Jose State University, and University of California, Hastings College of the Law, gives me a deep appreciation of our excellent public education system. 

As the managing partner of a successful law practice in San Jose, I balance budgets, recruit and retain qualified staff, and actively engage in the community.  Community colleges are critical to the success of our business and a thriving Silicon Valley economy.

The escalating cost and limited opportunities at four year universities make community colleges an even more critical part of preparing young people for today’s work challenges. They also provide a way for workers to gain additional skills and knowledge to stay competitive in the ever changing work force of Silicon Valley.

I am committed to helping youth in our community reach their full potential and serve on the Board of Managers for the Central YMCA of Silicon Valley.   I was appointed by the Santa Clara City Council to the Housing Loan and Rehabilitation Committee that addressed the needs of elderly home owners; I served for 8 years. Every year, I lead continuing legal education courses for practicing attorneys.  Having taught classes at Lincoln Law School, I know the important role teachers play in preparing and motivating students.

Anne and FamilyHaving a strong education system is important to my family. My husband, Tom, and I are raising our three children in Santa Clara and putting them through public schools.  Our daughter recently graduated from West Valley College and transferred to a four year university.

I will continue to use my skills as an advocate and consensus builder and provide balanced and representative leadership on the Board of Trustees of the West Valley-Mission Community College District. I would be honored to serve the community.






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